Terms and Condition

Using Our Site

Translation Pashto is giving full access to our content on the site, you can view and read our content on the site though we have full rights of the content on our site, We dont allow copying our content or using it for advertisment purposes, We are not liable for any usage of our content by third parties for other reasons which indirectly or consequential damages, or loose of data, income or profit of yours


We have affiliate program that pays 30% for any referred client, Most of clients work is not below $100 so for every $100 referral you make $30, Though for time being we are taking affiliated referrals directly via emails you can use contact us form if you want to referr a client to us

Personal Information

We only use your personal information to get in contact with you like emails, phone, skype, We take fully responsibilty of not allowing any un-authorized usage of your personal information, Translation Pashto will not disclose any information of any kind of our client to any person or third party


We have full right to qoute a price for the material to be translated depending on amount of source material, You can qoute your price at first or range with which we can give you a qoute of our price for the material to be translated, the pricing may vary depending on the material being translated.

Delivery Date

We will give you an estimated date after analyzing the source information of the document to be translated, We also offer express delivery that is 24 Hour delivery schedule where we send you document translated document in just 24 hours

Errors & Corrections

We take translations errors and redo in case of Outright mistranslation, omission, typo, grammatical mistake, non-adherence to any approved glossary. Client agrees that Translation Pashto shall have no liability or obligation regarding errors in source translations documents which is provided by the client itself though they can resend us updated version of the document.