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Whether you want us to translate a 50 word document or a 20000 word document

Our translators understand the dynamics and nuances of both Pashto and English language.Our Professional Translators are Native Pashto Speakers

We translate all types of documents: books, research papers, interview transcripts, CVs, audio and video files and more.. 🙂

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Professionals Translators

Professional translators with an in-depth approach to every project.

We establish committed business interaction with our clients.

By establishing regular communication with our clients, we meet the requirements of our clients in all aspects


We are a group of translators based in Peshawar who have been working in the field since 2010.

Translation Pashto guarantees concrete solutions to the translation needs of our clients.

Our clients take pride in our exclusive team of translators who are all native speakers of Pashto and have rich experience in translating wide array of documents. With coordinated work on each project, the team of Translation Pashto brings the best out of each individual translator.

We look forward to hearing from you about your translation needs and we will happily respond to you about our services.

Our Translation Services

We can do all sort of translations.



We can do any type of document translation in any format



Translation, Subtitle of Videos



Localization Service for any kind of Software, Websites, Mobile App and more would be professional translated



With our Professional Studios Equipment Audio Translation is Easy Job for Us



We have the experienced to handle translation into pashto that are technical to handle!



Looking for somebody who can help you in interpretions?

Translating Since 2010!

Frequently Asked Questions

“How do you keep a standard of quality translations at”

Our team has members who either have more than five years minimum experience in translation industry (specifically in to and from Pashto), or they have background in the specialized field of the documents being translated, or they have linguistics background. Our team doesn’t simply have bilingual or multilingual translators or members who lack understanding of sociopolitical and cultural context.

“Do you keep the confidentiality of documents?”


We have been working in the field for many years now. And, we have internalized the value of confidentiality of work-related information with our clients.

How quickly Can I Get My Work Done?”


On average, a linguist can translate anywhere between 2500 to 3000 words per day. In case of some technical/specialized files, a day’s work might return a little less than that. Our translators are at par with the standard time taken to translate documents of varying nature. Therefore, we will have a good turnaround time for your work translated and compiled. We take our deadlines seriously. In case of urgent deadlines, we can offer express turnaround time with multiple translators working in tandem.

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